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About me


Hi, I'm Juan Fernando, a game designer and programmer located in Medellín, Colombia. During my childhood I developed a burning passion to Lego. I was either building weird Bionicle/System hybrids or playing and telling crossover stories that mixed all the sets I owned, no matter the theme they belonged to. During that time I also played a bunch of games on my PS2. The years passed and I started playing less and less with Lego, but the passion for building stuff lived on. I eventually got an Xbox 360 and a friend of mine lent me his copy of Halo Reach, that game changed my life. I had played lots of games before, but Reach is what got me to lean in a hardcore way to the hobby. I poured a massive amount of hours into Reach and later into Halo 4, I eventually discovered Forge (Halo's map editor). That led me to realize I could merge my passion for games with my passion for building stuff.

Studies & background

I studied Digital Entertainment Design Engineering at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, there I fell in love with game design and the way it integrates a lot of disciplines to deliver meaningful experiences. During the later years of university I delved pretty deep into general game design, level design and narrative design, using Unreal Engine and Unity to give life to multiple experiences and games.

I've worked in cross-disciplinary teams both during university and in a professional manner, that has helped me develop the ability to communicate design concepts and ideas to teams of artists, programmers, producers and such. 

I believe games have the power to impact and even help the lives of the people who play them and I'm glad that I can now contribute to push this art medium forward, through new and unexpected avenues.


You can take a look to my resume here:

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