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Juan's Adventure is a 2D Metroidvania where you have to collect coins and keys that'll help you progress through multiple levels filled with deadly enemies and bosses. You can choose betwwen three characters:


Knight: A class balanced between damage and mobility.

Demon: The "heavy guy", slower but capable of dealing more damage.

Chaman: The fastest of the bunch, can shoot projectiles at large distances.

Team size: 5.

Engine used: Unity.

Give it a try:

As a programmer

  • I was responsible for programming the game's audio systems, streamlining the audio implementation process.

  • During the early stages of development I helped implement some combat mechanics, mainly on the enemy side.

As a designer

  • At first, we wanted to build this game around a single mechanic: The lamp. It was going to be the only way to traverse completely obscured zones and was the only way to kill enemies. After that mechanic was scrapped I helped the team define the goals and mechanics of the game based on the parameters we were given by the product owner. Centering the game around the three main characters and the stats that defined them.

  • I also contributed to the testing and multiple iterations of the game's main levels, helping mantain their consistency and navegability.

  • During the balance phase I mainly contributed to the normal and hard difficulty options, making sure they were challenging but fair to the player.

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